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Our Services

K-G Packaging Inc. is much more than just packaging. In fact, packaging is one of the last functions we perform for our customers.

Continuous product performance and formulation improvements from our state of the art Research & Development Group ensure our products are constantly meeting and surpassing the needs of our customers and their highly competitive marketplace.

Our R&D department is staffed by chemists whose job it is to formulate products to meet customers needs. It is with their dedication to quality control that guarantees that your products meet the highest performance standards and all government regulations.

At K-G Packaging, our Sales and Marketing Department is fully in-tuned and experienced with the market you do business in. We can help to provide you with the category and channel management support that will keep you informed with all the current market trends in product assortment. We also provide all marketing, label creative generation and merchandising support to assist your company in bringing your product to market.

K-G Packaging, being one of the largest manufacturers of quality aerosol paint & chemical products in North America, manufactures, ships and distributes our products around the world for such global markets as Canada, U.S.A., Mexico. South America, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific.

In today's fast pace, highly competitive market, the speed in launching new products is critical to the success of your company. At K-G Packaging, it is our goal to provide you with new products and technologies that allow you faster new product delivery to access markets and surpasses your competition.

K-G Packaging is committed to providing our customers with:

1. Quick order turn around in 7 working days.
2. Prompt order processing and products shipment.
3. A Case Fill Rate of 100%
4. On Time Delivery of 100%
5. EDI order entry and invoicing
6. Internet order entry
7. Internet P.O.S. access
8. Internet access of MSDS and Technical Bulletins.

Our emphasis has always been on efficiency, making K-G Packaging one of the lowest cost producers of aerosol products in North America. We have the facilities and the professional staff needed to ensure accurate compounding and quality control of all steps in the manufacturing process. Our high speed, high capacity production lines can react quickly to meet your requirements helping you minimize investment in inventory enabling you to meet your demand when your product takes off.

By the time we package and label your product, you can be sure of the quality that has gone into it.