K-G Packaging | Spray-Pak

What We Do

K-G Packaging Inc. is much more than just packaging. In fact, packaging is one of the functions we perform for our customers.

We will perform all the necessary R&D functions, working out all the production line bugs and meet all government regulations. We will even help design your label leaving you free to do what you do best – marketing. 


Our R&D department is staffed by chemists whose job it is to formulate products to meet customers needs. It is with their dedication to quality control that guarantees your products meet the highest performance standards and all government regulations.

State of the Art Facilities

Our emphasis has always been on efficiency, making us one of the lowest cost aerosol manufacturers in North America. We have the facilities and the professional staff needed to ensure accurate compounding and quality control of all steps in the manufacturing process. Our high speed, high capacity production lines can react quickly to meet your requirements helping you minimize investment in inventory enabling you to meet your demand when your product takes off.

By the time we package and label your product, you can be sure of the quality that has gone into it.